Sunday, July 7, 2013

SCREENWRITING nuggets - 30 ROCK & Dreams, Part 1

This series from the clip is referenced once in THE DEAD PRESIDENTS, and only visually...THAT's just part of why THE DEAD PRESIDENTS is being kickstarted. I'm a screenwriter, coming up with things so others can bring them to life with their creative talents is part of the fun.

"They built all of this because of words you wrote!"

-Margaret Lemon
Liz Lemon's mom on 30 ROCK, "Ludachristmas"

So I'd like to find a talented comic book artist.

‎#tdpotus ‎#POTUS ‎#COMICBOOKS ‎#GRAPHICNOVEL ‎#[adultswim] #theVENTUREBROS. #nerdalert! #unnecessary :P

(and you'll see I won't do justice with an E-BOOK adaptation)

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