Thursday, January 25, 2007

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The reason the rest of the world doesn't like us is because of the foreign policy of the bush administration. we had the world loving us on September 11, 2001...and then bush started drifting away from the war in Afghanistan (a war which I support and has since been forgotten like the War of 1812 and it's not looking as good as we were told...yeah we're fighting two wars). He created a new high school history term "the Axis of Evil" in the 2002 State of the Union...war with Iraq was on the way. The love from 9/11...gone. The war of choice has ruined us in the world militarily, diplomatically, and politically. We're still the world's strongest super power...but remember we invaded a sovereign nation for false reasons. Why create a whole new war, when we were still in Afghanistan. Concentration on terrorism should be a priority, not a country on the other side of the planet. Those two big oceans still protect us from countries like North Korea and Iraq. I'm not blaming America...I love this country and I want it to be the greatest nation and one that would make the Founding Fathers proud. We have from time to time acknowledged, some time too late, that we've done something wrong and we need to fix the problem. This administration has yet to take responsibility for this war...the White House likes to point out that the Congress shares blame, had Iraq been a success Bush would receive full credit.

Once the problem in Iraq is figured out and our troops are safely out of harms way, the United States should find a new energy source...cut all ties from the Middle East once on the new energy source. They're not ready for globalization and maybe neither are we. I'm for isolation, one that helps us better ourselves. We're not number one in every thing yet we go around claiming to be the best. Hurricane Katrina showed a lot and this country hasn't shown much back to that region, Katrina wasn't mentioned in the 2007 State of the Union address.

We have a lot to work on here at democracy, as the recent elections have shown both in campaign finances and voting rights. What's wrong with that, when we're good and ready we can reenter the world as a leader again, but without the whole Pax Americana thing. We can remain number one militarily without spending so much. We once did good in the world...with the Berlin airlifts, the Truman Doctrine, and the Marshall Plan. Very interventionist polices, far from the wishes of the founders. But at some point things went's as if the dark side took over. The CIA in Iran, the Korean War and Vietnam might be some of our turning points. And when we let a congress let a president get away with the creation of chaos, somethings wrong about that. It's okay to punish a president for lying about a sexual matter, but not lying about a war of choice...a bad choice.

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