Saturday, December 15, 2007

the majority doesn't matter

"So? What is your point? Is the fact the majority believes something make it so?"

the majority wasn't for the impeachment of president clinton. so lying under oath about an extramarital affair is enough to investigate and the impeach a president, even if the majority is against impeachment. the house of representatives in 1998 was controlled by republicans and which ever party controls the house of representatives determines what is an impeachable offense. even if the majority of the citizens were against impeachment the gop control house went with impeachment.

this house is controlled by the democratic party and they've determined that no impeachable offensives have occurred and even having a majority of its citizens favor investigations the democratic party isn't able to find impeachable offensives.

which is weird bc if they're too stupid and can't find an impeachable offense all they have to do is look at history and find that in 1974 one of the two articles of impeachment that was written up and voted on against nixon (the house judiciary voted on 2 articles, but nixon resigned before the full house could vote) was for wire tapping. even though the nixon impeachment was under a democratic house, it was bipartisan. (by august 6th and 7th nixon had lost the senate and the rnc chair [bush's dad]).

if the majority believes something in regard to their leaders of their country possibly abusing their power then yeah. this blames the democratic party as well...they are in the position to define what is impeachable and was is not. all the accusations about the clintons cost about $60 to $70 million dollars and it was determined that no wrong doing was found. i'm not saying lets spend that much money on investigating this administration, but if the majority already believes that there is possible wrong doing and to such an extreme then all the house judiciary needs to do is investigate to either deny or confirm. we can't let future historians determine or debate whether or not there was wrong doing. sure we all know what was on monica's blue dress, but we won't know the truth about all the secrets and wrong doing done by this administration. no future president, of either or any party, should ever be impeached if this administration is not investigated. o wait i forgot it's the house of representatives that is in power that determines what is impeachment...i'm sure the gop will be in power again in the house at some point...i wonder what they'll impeach for then.

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