Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prizer Obama

NOOOOOOO!!! we were already told that the world did not like him, that's why the Olympics rejected him. this is nothing but liberals picking liberals...Obama hasn't done anything to change the world since Bush left. we're still in two wars, what has he done to create this atmosphere of wait that's it. that atmosphere of ease is what is different from the bushies. that's pretty awesome to get this award simply for offering hope and change and the majority said he shall be our president and the world knew things were going to be okay bc Bizarro Dick Cheney in a dress wasn't going to any where near the line of succession.

see those that would believe what they've been told by unfortunately-named-Rush see the world through a weird ass lens, I'm guessing they're wearing drunk-goggles, the only explanation for how they view things, and they don't see facts or understand how the change in administration from Bush/Cheney to it could've been Clinton but it's Obamer (as they say back east) brought about restored belief in a country that the world has always loved just not when run by extremists.

this small minority that has an extremely loud voice will find a way to make it sound like Obama isn't popular here or abroad.

I think the prize is way better than the Olympics. It was great when Gore got it and Bush had to do the old photo-op, sure Gore and all of us wish it was President Gore at the end of his term doing the photo-op with someone else...but that moment was so cool. Does Obama have a photo-op by himself? It's good to know that the rest of the world sees Obama for who he is and not for the falsehoods and names spread and called by ignorant, misinformed far righties.

on another note, previous winners of the prize were the first sitting POTUS winner TR, former president Carter, and former vp Gore. The other members of the club of (V)POTUS/NPP winners like the second sitting POTUS to get the prize was Wilson and the first sitting VPOTUS (unless they awarded it in the first 2 months of 1925) Charles Dawes got it.

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