Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pointless Presidential Pfacts #51 - "From the First to the Last - Happy Old Inauguration Day!"

George Washington became the first POTUS sworn-in on a March 4th in 1793 for his second term.

1793: President George Washington arrives at Congress Hall in Philadelphia for his second inaugural on a March 4.

For his first term in 1789 he took the oath of office on April 30th...see even the great arrive late but then again I can move faster than Washington ever could.

1933: President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt taking the oath for the first time and the last time on a March 4 on the East Front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Franklin D. Roosevelt became the last POTUS sworn-in on a March 4th for his 1st term in 1933, 7 months before the 20th Amendment took effect. Four years later in 1937, FDR would be the first sworn-in on a January 20th, the start of his second term. Apparently the numbers, one, three, seven and nine are important to first inaugurations days for second term presidents. Happy Old Inauguration Day!

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