Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pointless Presidential Pfacts #13 - "Calling the Winner!!!"

After the People cast their votes determining which candidate wins the electoral votes of the States, the electors cast their vote for both president and vice president in the Electoral College. In a Joint-Session of Congress, the VPOTUS, as president of the Senate, presides and counts the votes. Sometimes the new president that is proclaimed ran against the VPOTUS during the general election, Richard Nixon announced JFK in 1960, Hubert Humphrey announced Nixon in 1968, and Al Gore, the popular vote winner, announced George W. Bush in 2000. We'll see if Joe Biden will get to do what Dick Cheney did in 2004 or what Dan Quayle did in 1992 (or similar to Cheney in 2008 announcing the opposition party the victory.)

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