Monday, November 5, 2012

POTUS Photus - Warren G. Harding

44 days before the November 6th election day of 2012, I instagramed (or is it instagrammed) a countdown to the election pictures of all the presidents starting with George Washington and ending today with President Barack Obama.

For most of the POTUS Challenge the pictures were simply the portraits of the presidents. But as I started posting the presidents of the early 20th Century the pictures became more candid shots.

Warren Harding was the 29th POTUS. Elected in 1920 from Ohio. He was the first incumbent senator to win the presidency, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama were the only other incumbent senators elected. Harding was a Republican that promised a return to normalcy after the two term Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Harding would end up dying in office in 1923 while on a visit to the West Coast. His vice president, Calvin Coolidge would succeed him.

Warren Harding
29th POTUS
1921-August 2, 1923

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